About Me

E-courses, online information products are continually developed. Businesses are finding that online, digital courses and training offer scalable learning that is time and cost effective.

Building an e-course isn’t as simple as drafting a curriculum and videos. There’s more that goes on behind the scenes..drafting, revising, designing, and exploring available tools out there.

My approach is based on these principles:

  1. Backwards design approach – begin with a framework of what you want to offer students taking the course.
  2. Data Driven & Design Thinking
  3. Interactive, Engaging & Educational

Welcome to my web-site! I’m a former higher education professional turned e-learning designer/developer. After extensive experience in curriculum and learning design, I launched my own e-learning company.

My approach is grounded in educational learning design and theory, UX research and design principles to engineer a highly engaging learning experience. The goal is to engage students in continuous and engaging learning experience that redefines how we learn.

You can learn more about my work on Medium