About Me

You want tangible results, and clear outcomes for your audience and students right? Feeling puzzled and frustrated at where to begin developing and designing an e-learning or online course?

  • Start with a backwards design approach – begin with a framework of what you want to offer students taking the course.
  • Gather and use data about your audience to develop material for the course
  • Ask these key profile questions such as:

Who is my audience?

What are their goals?

What is their experience with this topic?

What other exposure have they had with the material?

  • Assess and measure the results

Welcome to my web-site! I’m a former higher education professional turned e-learning specialist. After extensive experience in curriculum and learning design, I launched my own e-learning consultancy. I bring a mindful approach grounded in learning design, full stack web development and UX research and design principles to approach all aspects of curriculum and training design.

The goal is to use technology and online learning to empower others and maximize results for student success.

You can learn more about my work on Medium